CELLEON, the Compact Powerful Energy Skin Cell Synergizer



What is CELLEON therapy ?

CELLEON therapy is non- invasive procedure for skin rejuvenation and body tightening using CELLEON which is the world’s first medical aesthetic device that uses dual frequency and 10MHz nano ultrasonic energy.

DDU Technology Effect

DDU(Dual Dynamic Ultrasound) technology allows two different ultrasonic frequencies to simulate the skin simultaneously.
DDU creates the cross section force which maximizes the ultrasonic effect in skin.

  1. 1. Powerful energy by two ultrasonic waves at the same time

    Instead of sequentially irradiating different frequencies, DDU irradiates different frequencies simultaneously.

    Much higher energy is irradiated by different frequencies together which results in better treat ment effects.

    Single frequency probe is also available as an optional choice.

  2. 2. Longitudinal Energy & Transverse Energy

    The dynamic energy created by longitudinal and transverse energy enhances the treatment effects.

  3. 3. Cross section force

    When ultrasonic energy is simultaneously irradiated in 2 directions, the cross section force is created by high frequency in the center & low frequency around the edge. The cross section force yields the energy in the lateral direction which makes the unique dynamic.

10MHz Effect

10MHz is an anti-aging method that dramatically lowers destructive proteins (MMPs) and at the same time increases repair proteins (HSPs) and moisturizing factors (GAGs) to restore healthy skin conditions.

Cell diameter : 10㎛
Depth of cell membrane : 0.0085㎛

10MHz wavelength : 0.018㎛

Cell activation and

* Destructive proteins (MMPs) are responsible for destroying and cleansing damaged skin cells.

* Recovered proteins (HSPs) are building new skin cells in the place destructive proteins made(cell regeneration)

* Moisturizing factor (GAGs) provides moisture that is essential for cell regeneration as cement needed for construction.

Synergistic Effect

When combined with other treatments, DDU makes a synergistic effect resulting in great customer satisfaction.

  • RF

  • HIFU

  • AQUA

  • IPL


  • AND More

DDU Effect
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